If You Don’t Tell

If you don’t tell me what was happen
If you don’t say me what you want
You said that everything is fine
But you did the opposite
Such as, you didn’t ask me anything along the day which is not as usual as the days before
You turn off your phone
You go to sleep
Then you consider that everything will be alright
No, it can’t be like that

You yourself is a human being
You can feel tired
You can feel sad if you think someone or me hurt you
You have your own wishes
You have dreams
And if you can’t reach all that you want
You will feel down even you ignore that… Because of what? Because you are a human being…

So you are lying if you said you fine but you did the opposite
You make me feel like I have done so much mistakes so you won’t tell me anything..
And chose to keep silent

I don’t know what should I do
Now.. I don’t know.. Really
I have said sorry but may be I have hurted you yesterday…


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